Here are some pictures from the Maker Faire this past weekend. We had a very silly time selling felt popsicle and ice cream cone kits out of my little souped up laundry cart.
The bags are full of polyfill, not cotton candy. We didn’t take the pole with us on Day 2, since we’d disappointed so many kids on Saturday. Still, I think it was pretty funny, and a lot of other folks did too.
I put the bomb pop and popsicle on the back of my jacket, and think I want to decorate about a zillion more hoodies, it was so much fun and so rewarding. Simple lines can convey so much!
Other notables: I sold out of hot pink popsicle kits. I wonder if that’s because I had a hot pink one on display. I really really wanted to try displaying a different color on Sunday, to see if it changed the sales, but I was pretty well worn out Saturday night. Next time. I also sold maybe two bomb pop kits the whole weekend, so let me know if you want one.